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11 Spelling Mistakes That Will Make You Smile

Learning a language is not easy for anyone, even when it’s your first language. Besides the grammar, spelling is an aspect that learners may find it confusing. Native speakers also can meet trouble. They, at times, can mess things up by creating silly misspellings. These mistakes can actually change the meaning of the sentence, in hilarious ways.

In fact, making mistakes is totally reasonable, but it seems to be amusing to spot someone’s typos. So now, let’s be a spelling police! Check out some photos below to identify the wrong things, and see why these incorrect versions are funny.

#1. How can they wash their hands before ‘living’?

#2. Okay, I will buy it!

#3. It’s ‘two’ easy

#4. What is grand opining?

#5. Oops! Not ‘ass’ cold

#6. With wood? Are you serious?

#7. Oh, even the violators can find $50

#8. What will happen if I press the ‘No’ button?

#9. ‘Moom’ is something relating to ‘Moon’?

#10. I prefer donuts

#11. I’m afraid that I can’t apply to this job

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