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15+ Hilarious Dogs And Owners Who Twinning Pose With Each Other

Dog-owner resemblance is a phenomenon that is so entertaining and impressive. These four-leg creatures are sometimes very smart, and they know how to make their owners laugh by twinning them fantastically. Those funny moments have gone viral on social media, as virtual communities find it interesting to see the picture of dogs and owners twinning each other. It shows that dogs are just like humans, and they are our best friends.

Let’s scroll out following hilarious pictures we’ve collected for you, and enjoy yourself with cheerful moments. And it’ll definitely make your whole day.

#1.  Jam and her dog: great ‘sleepers’!


#2. Liam Rice and his Husky. They are both handsome!

Image: Liam

#3. Can you help me find the differences in this pic?

Image: Kristian Johns

#4. “Glad my dog isn’t the only one who is like this “

Image: @FluffKambach

#5. Kel and her dog: fifty shades

Image: @tauxyc

#6. Dog said: ” Hi bro!”

Image: u/bluejay24

#7. Who is the boss? The black one?

Image: Imgur

#8. Interesting!

Image: u/Laceface11

#9. Dan Root and his friend: That’s funny

Image: Dan Root

#10. Just smile when taking a selfie!

Image: imgur 

#11. That’s why they say dogs look like their owners

Image: Pics Of Pugs

#12.  Wait, look at their hair! Do you see the similarity here?

Image: Duncan Rowan

#13.”Are you kidding me, Rick?”

Image: Rickstarr

#14. Like owner, like dog

Image: u/floralthespian

#15. These smiles look amazingly alike!

Image: u/reddible

#16.  “Ok, you and me, just look at the camera….. sexy!”

Image: Dark Sand

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