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15 Pictures Showing Dogs Are The Best Loyal Friends

Through the ages, dogs are described as loyal, smart, and obedient. These domesticated animals serve a wide range of roles including protecting, helping, and lifesaving. Therefore, dogs are incredible friends to people, and they’ve been companions through centuries. You might not know, but all dogs, even the chihuahua and basset hound, are descended from wolves. So how they change their genetic makeup and turn into hugely different breeds? That is because of man’s love.

We, in this case, would like to make sure you understand this special relationship between dogs and humankind. Each of the moments that we are going to share here will explain to you more specifically.

#1. “Hey, I just wanna tell you, I and father have done this special thing. A photo of my hands and father’s hands together, and… I love papa “

Image credit: Paws That Print

#2. “Come on! Let’s exercise! I’ll help you if you feel tired!”

Image credit: Magnus The Therapy Dog & Brian Benson

#3. “I am always here with you….”

Image credit: poppypetphotography

#4.Dog: “Hey…?! I’m a good boy”

Image credit: Facebook

#5. “You are always my puppy”

Image credit: Lepeto

#6. “This is our first trip together!”

Image credit: NOTsoOrderlyConduct

#7. “I am always here when you need!”

Image credit: epicout

#8. Mami, I love you!”

Image credit: Larry

#9.”He is my best Christmas gift!”

Image credit: Dogs Mom Hub

#10. “We have good times together”

Image credit: Aileen

#11. “And we grow up together!”

Image credit: petsylvania_iloilo

#12. “It’s safe and peaceful to stay with you!”

Image credit: Funny Animals Videos

#13. Let’s not forget these friends involved in rescue humans from fire!

Image credit: Petco

#14. Kisses are never enough

Image credit: Pinterest

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