18 Funny Pictures Of Everyday Objects That Appear Like They Have Faces

Your everyday objects are sometimes more interesting than you think, even though they are just inanimate things. You use them for your daily purposes, but one day, you suddenly recognize that your items turn to be so funny. Some of their details make them appear like they have a face. Have you ever seen a sink that looks like it has a runny nose? It sounds a bit strange but it definitely happens around you.

So here, we’ve rounded up 18 hilarious pictures of everyday objects that look like they have faces. I can’t keep my eyes off these pics because they are just so amusing and cute as well. Guys, these will blow your mind and crack you up. You may even say “ridiculous!”. Believe me and take a look at them. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends to have more fun!

#1. Oh it looks so upset

#2. “Wow!”

#3. “I’m angry!”

#4. “OMG!”

#5. “Noooo, help me!”

#6. Well, an alien?

#7. “Say cheese~”

#8. Oops

#9. “Ahhhhhhh”

#10. Furious mop

#11. Ah this chair looks so excited

#12. Can’t keep its tongue in its mouth

#13. So sad

#14. The sink has a runny nose

#15. Smile

#16. Such a cute round face!

#17. “I’m not happy at all”

#18. Confusing face

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