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20 Times Cats Refuse To Cuddle

Cats are cute and sweet creatures. They love to be cuddled and stroked by their owners. Just imagine that you come back home after a tiring working day, and your little friend slowly approaches you asking for a hug. Who can resist this soft feeling?

Sometimes, your cute cat is so fastidious for whatever reason. They do not want to be kissed or hugged. They just want you to leave them alone, even when you desperately desire to show your affection for them. You hope to take a selfie with them, but they absolutely say ‘No’.

Today we’re sharing 20 photos of cats refusing to cuddle that will make you smile. I can’t take my eyes off them because they are so adorable. Are you a parent of a cat? I’m sure that you may see yourself in one of these situations. Let’s scroll down!

#1. “You put me down or not?”

#2. “What happened?”

#3. “I don’t like you!”

#4. “What are you doing, human?”

#5. “Don’t talk to me.”

#6. “Get away from me.”

#7. “Don’t show me your face.”

#8. “Leave me alone!”

#9. “No kiss. I’m sleepy.”

#10. Serious face

#11. “Ewwww”

#12. “Noooooo”

#13. “It’s not funny, man.”

#14. “Don’t be so close to me like that.”

#15. “I don’t like taking photos, you know?”

#16. “I’m not interested in kissing.”

#17. “Put me down!”

#18. “No kiss, thanks.”

#19. “Help me…”

#20. “Nooo. I’m scared!”

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