21 Funny White Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids

We all know that raising a kid is not easy at all. As a parent, you have to take responsibility for your children’s manners until they’re fully grown. You may tell them all the things in the world, and sometimes, some white lies.

Actually, that’s not a bad thing and does not affect your children’s minds in negative ways. You just do that for some reason. You tell your kids that your engine won’t start until the car hears their seatbelts go click, for instance. Or you have only one chocolate bar left so you can’t share it with your kids. The result is you, hilariously, lie to your kids that “it’s adult chocolate”.

So here we’ve rounded up 21 hilarious white lies that parents tell their kids. People who share these have unconditional love for their children, but at times, they have no choice but to tell them some lies that are cute and funny as well. If you’re also a parent, let’s check them out and you may have a fellow feeling.

#1. “When the ice cream truck plays its jingle, it means they’ve sold out of ice cream”

#2. Kid, you need to use the potty more

#3. Good job!

#4. You’re so brave, bro

#5. Well done!

#6. “Parents are allowed to be hypocrites”

#7. Hummus is princess food

#8. “I can see it from here”

#9. Then I say it hundreds of times

#10. “Cold toast”

#11. LOL

#12. Just five minutes to drink coffee, lol

#13. An interesting game called “Put Daddy to Bed”

#14. “I’m the grown-up, and I know what I’m doing”

#15. Such a cute lie!

#16. Try hard to not lie to the kids, and fail

#17. Just one of the many lies

#18. Cool daddy

#19. Use it when traveling

#20. Parenting is fun

#21. Brilliant hack

H/T: Bored Panda

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