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25 Jaw-dropping Photos Of Cities Show That Humans Create Wonders

By far, humans are the most successful species living on earth. With our unparalleled intelligence, we have created tools that enable us to change the whole world. Thanks to them, we have conquered the farthest land, stepped on the highest mountain, dived into the deepest ocean. Nowhere on earth that humans haven’t been to.

From the very beginning of the human era, we differed from other species in the way we live. In line with the development of human civilizations, we gradually separated ourselves from nature. Instead of harvesting fruits and grains, we domesticated and grew plants for food. We no longer lived in caves; we built houses with fences for our shelter. And that became a significant divergence between humans and other animals.

After thousands of years, we have created many human-made wonders. And our cities – one of the typical features of human civilization, would be a fine example. People from other parts of the world are all in love with those stunning views of cities. Therefore, the subreddit r/CityP*** has been created for us to share striking pictures of our metropolises.

Below is a collection of stunning city photos taken around the world. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 The View From My Desk In Chicago, Il, USA Isn’t One You See Often And I’m Really Going To Miss It

Image Credit: Skullman1392

#2 New York City. What An Amazing Image

Image Credit: yekrubFR

#3 Reykjavík

Image Credit: Grillos

#4 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (From A Different Angle)

Image Credit: 000333aaa

#5 Skating To Toronto

Image Credit: Nite1982

#6 Venice

Image Credit: boi_thats_my_yeet

#7 Casablanca, Morocco

Image Credit: [deleted]

#8 Tokyo Looking Like Another World

Image Credit: shualdone

#9 Lhasa, Tibet

Image Credit: Blvckshi63

#10 My City: Groningen In The North Of The Netherlands. This Is Actually My View

Image Credit: psylocybine

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