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25 Monday Memes That You Won’t Stop Laughing

Sometimes, it’s hard to drag your body out of the bed on Monday. You will miss the enjoyable relaxing time at the weekend when you can do whatever you want. Hang out with friends, travel somewhere near your home, have good food, drop by a spa – these are all great. It’s time to “pamper” your body to regain the energy levels after a week.

This is why many people still feel asleep when they’re back to work on Monday. They seek a cup of coffee, a glass of iced smoothie, a good breakfast, and funny pictures for help. A lot of things to choose to spice up your new week.

The list below is about 25 Monday memes that you won’t stop laughing at. Do you relate to these? Even when you don’t, these funny memes also boost your mood. Looking for hilarious things to keep you awake on Monday morning? These are right up your street!

#1 When Monday hits you too soon.

#2 If Monday had a face, it would be this.

#3 It’s Monday? Good.

#4 Inside an “ok” face on Monday.

#5 Monday? You’re not welcomed.

#6 Monday working spirit.

#7 Get back to work on Monday.

#8 Where in the hell did my weekend go?

#9 Smile on Monday be like.

#10 Monday, Lisa.

#11 Not feeling this whole Monday thing.

#12 Friday vs Monday.

#13 So Monday, we meet again.

#14 Can’t still believe that it’s Monday again.

#15 Can you relate, lol?

#16 How I wake up on Monday.

#17 Friday afternoon vs Monday morning.

#18 Hey Monday!

#19 Weekend is gone.

#20 Weekend, please don’t leave.

#21 Smile on Monday.

#22 Going to work on Monday morning be like.

#23 Nail it?

#24 It’s only Tuesday.

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