25 Photos Of People Who Had One Job And Failed Hilariously

Getting a job is never easy and remaining that job is another hard work. Sometimes, many people just have only one job to make ends meet, but they somehow still manage to do it in an unimaginably bad way. They screw it up so terribly that we have to wonder if they even notice what they did. Since we are not the ones who get into trouble for failing at our job, we have some kind of fun seeing these ridiculous mistakes (although it’s a little bit mean).

We’ve rounded up funny pictures of people who had one job and failed hilariously. No one can imagine why they could do that. Really. You only can ask out loud “How”. Some things are so out of place that will make you go speechless and think your whole life was apparently “wrong”.

Are you ready for a big laugh? Here we go!

#1. No, please you can do it properly

#2. How can it work?

#3. Just wrong place

#4. Maybe the person who did this had color blindness

#5. Okay so what should I do?

#6. You had one job

#7. Why?

#8. Omg this “fox”

#9. I have no words

#10. Where’s the button?

#11. Look it in the eyes

#12. That’s annoying

#13. SOTP

#14. World War 11?

#15. Someone just forgot something

#16. A new level of lemon juice

#17. So confusing

#18. Since when we have 9 days per week?

#19. Again, you had one job!

#20. Someone would love this kind of “water” so much

#21. Do not stack and…

#22. Who even did this?

#23. Seriously?

#24. You really have to do this?

#25. Back to school… with these?

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