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25 Ridiculous Corona Masks To Lighten Up Your Dull Weekend

Coronavirus has affected many aspects of our lives. We have to postpone or cancel numerous activities or events in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic. We’re stuck at home due to the lockdown, and can hardly meet our friends in person. Needless to say, our daily lives are so doom and gloom these days.

Staying out of the virus is the foremost priority. And a face mask will be an indispensable thing when you go out, especially showing up at some crowded places like subways or bus stops. Instead of wearing normal masks, some people create their masks in hilarious styles. A man puts a plastic container on his head. Or a woman uses a leaf to cover her face.

Here we’ve rounded up 25 ridiculous corona face masks to lighten up your dull day. Let’s find some little relaxation in these pics, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

#1. “Just to make sure that I’ll be safe”

#2. Bucket is okay

#3. “It’s a bit hard for me to breath, but at least I’ll be safe”

#4. “Wake me up”

#5. “Doll needs to wear a mask, too”

#6. This is great

#7. Omg it’s so cool

#8. From head to toe

#9. Two layers of mask, lol

#10. In case you don’t have a proper face mask

#11. The plastic container is useful in many ways

#12. I think it works

#13. Hey man, can you see anything?

#14. He looks so serious

#15. At least he’s trying

#16. A leaf also can be a face mask, well done

#17. Is that a bowl?

#18. Like a telephone booth

#19. Plastic bag mask

#20. I have no idea what’s this

#21. LOL, it’s cute

#22. Social distance

#23. Well fancy

#24. Lady, you’re wearing your mask in the wrong place

#25. “I just don’t care about the sign behind me”

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