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25 Super Funny Pictures About Expectation Vs Reality

Perhaps, we all have been in situations that didn’t come in the way you expected. They might be hilarious or upset, depending on your perspective. For instance, you order a dress from an online shop but your dress fails on you when you get it on your hand. Some people may get irritated with this but some may burst out laugh immediately. Accept it with a positive mind will bring you a lot of smiles. Life may be tough but we can always find fun with it, right?

And, here are 25 super funny pictures about expectation vs reality we love to share today. If you are looking for something that can boost your mood faster than a rocket, these will be right up your street. I can’t stop laughing while searching and rounding up these into a collection. Life sometimes pushes you into half-laughing, half-crying situations. All you need to do is to smartly make fun of them. Fun always works.

1. Green Tea Taste Like Expectation Vs Reality

2. After Look Down Hairstyle

3. Suppose to Give Coffee to Your Dog

4. Do a Selfie!

5. Zootopia in Real Life

6. Driving Expectation Vs Reality

7. After Going To The Groomer

8. Laying on the Beach

9. New Hair on Me!

10. Falling Asleep in Public

11. Follow a Baking Recipe on the Internet

12. When Muscles Come Into A Cartoon Character

13. Pose With Your Dog Expectation Vs Reality

14. Gymnastics

15. Swimming Expectation Vs Reality

16. Can You Relate?

17. Workout!

18. Opening The Front Camera

19. How I Think I Look When Checking Girls

20. Cooking Expectation Vs Reality

21. People Think Me Look Like and I Think I Look Like

22. Online Shopping

23. Saturday Night

24. Apocalypse Expectation vs Reality

25. D&D Party

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