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Architectural Masterpieces Seems To Defy The Law Of Physics

In architecture, buildings that have an extravagant and luxurious look were always the point of attention. They were solely the display of wealth that overwhelmed the eyes of ordinary people. However, that architectural style is becoming less captivating to the public. Nowadays, people are impressed with not the cost of the building but the hidden features in its design.

Technology and architecture are closely related. Architects and scientists from around the world are pushing the boundaries of science every day. They strive to create buildings that are seemingly impossible but technically feasible to build.

These designs are less concerned with pure aesthetics. On the other hand, they impress us with their unusual appearances. Actually, they look more like an optical illusion than a functional building, making us wonder how far technological advancements have reached. Enjoy the treat for the eyes and also for the mind by checking out the list below. Here are ten structural masterpieces that bend the rules of physics.

#1 Veluwemeer Aqueduct, Netherlands

Imagcrdit: Sanjary Rahman

Normally, bridges go over the water. However, in Netherland, this special aqueduct allows small ships and cars to switch their places.

#2 Auditorio De Tenerife, Spain

Image Credit: Auditorio de Tenerife. Wikimedia Commons

The Auditorio de Tenerife on the Canary Islands is home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. This structure has become an icon of modernism in Spain upon its completion in 2003. Famous for its arc, bending over the main part and is braced by two points only.

#3 The Balancing Barn, UK

Image Credit: Chris Wright

This design looks like a futuristic apartment with half of the structure hangs above the ground. It’s available for booking and accommodates a group of 8 people.

#4 Capital Gate, United Arab Emirates

Image Credit: María Francisca González

Tilted 18˚ to the west, Capital Gate is the “farthest manmade leaning building”. To keep the building stands upright, it has a strong core made of concrete and steel for the main support.

#5 China Central Television Headquarters, China

Image Credit: Iwan Baan

The odd angles of the China Central Television Headquarters tend to deceive the eye at first glance. Under closer inspection, you’ll see that each part of the building is in a different direction apart. The up-most section even seems to defy gravity by leaning away from its support.

#6 The Habitat Housing Complex, Canada

Image Credit: Graham Hughes

The complex was built to maximize open spaces while remaining compact. The solution was those concrete blocks that linked together in different angles, making the unique look.

#7 Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Image Credit: Creative Commoms

The bridge bends over the air to offer visitors different viewpoints to the jungle and ocean beyond. It has 8 cables that are attached to a single pylon to support its weight. If you’re not afraid of height, you can stand on the glass bridge and gaze down the base of the mountain below.

#8 Milwaukee Art Museum, USA

Image Credit: Tanya Paul

The rooftop panel-like projections can loom in the air like the wings of a butterfly. They open and close like flapping wings according to the time and weather.

#9 Museum Of Tomorrow, Brazil

Image Credit: Santiago Calatrava

Its elongated white projection looks like the skeleton of an enormous sea creature. Solar panels are attached on the top, and they move throughout the day like fins.

#10 Holmenkollbakken, Norway

Image Credit: Snorre Veggan

This ski jump slope has been rebuilt many times. The current version has a design that looks like a seesaw about to pitch the occupants onto the ground.

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