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Awful Things That People Came Across In Some Restaurants

Have you ever been to some restaurants or food stores that made you sick from their food? Well, we all think that restaurants are one of the places that have to strictly comply with sanitation standards, but actually, many of them don’t. You can only see that the restaurants seemingly look so bright and shiny, but you have no idea how their kitchens look like where you can’t see.

In this post, we’ve collected some photos of really awful things that people experienced in some restaurants. You just can’t imagine any of them and “what’s wrong with people?”, you may ask yourself that question after scrolling through these pics. Food preparation is one of the most important steps, but some people just say no to food safety. Check them out!

#1. “Subway Employee Picking Her Feet Behind The Counter. How Fresh”

#2. “Millennials Aren’t Killing Restaurants Like Applebee’s And TGI Friday’s. Food Like This Is”

#3. “What’s Wrong With People”

#4. “How A Restaurant Thaw Their Chicken”

#5. “At This Fast Food Place In Town”

#6. “Wtf….a Bolt Was Found In A Bowl Of Chilli. Fairfax Frisch’s”

#7. “Local Chinese Restaurant Gets A New Cutting Board”

#8. “Found Inside My Taco Bell Meal. I Feel Sick”

#9. “A Restaurant Known For Their Wings In Ne Philadelphia. Pretty Gross….”

#10. “Buffet At Charles De Gaulle Airport. Paris, France”

#11. “I Saw This On A Restaurant Door. After I Ate There”

#12. “A Handful Of Jam Served On A Plate At An Upscale Restaurant”

#13. “Only In America Would A Restaurant Display On The Wall That They Don’t Pay Their Staff Enough To Live On”

#14. “1 Chicken Over Rice Please”

#15. “Employee Spits In Food For Instagram Likes”

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