Fragile Tiny Kitten Rescued By Great Family Is Enjoying His Happy Life

Rocky was a little soul abandoned by his mother cat since his birth. He was found lonely and hurt in a machine. The couple finding him decided to bring him home as the tiny creature was too sweet to be thrown. They have done everything to give the poor kitten the best care and love that his mom couldn’t give him.

Screenshot: Julia Modas

The newborn kitten was tiny and fragile, but very feisty. Dawn and her husband (the couple) decided to call him Rocky for his bravery and strong will. They felt very happy to have him as a part of their family. At that time, Rocky was still unable to eat food, so Dawn had to feed her with some milk. Under the love and care from his foster mother, Rocky grew up quickly. He started the first shaky steps after several weeks.

Screenshot: Julia Modas

No sooner had Rocky started walking than Dawn noticed something wrong with his legs. Rocky had two normal forearms, but one of his back legs could hardly bear weight or move. It was so weak. Seeing their little son in difficulty, the couple felt sad. They would try their best to help him walk as normal kittens. Receiving special love from his parents, Rocky grew up into a cheerful boy. And despite his fate, he was still the luckiest cat to live peacefully with his beloved mom and dad.

Screenshot: Julia Modas

When Rocky was strong and sturdy enough, Dawn and her husband bought him a cart so that he could move easier and faster. Besides, the little boy received physiotherapy at the vet and continue daily practice at home. Dawn and her husband helped him a lot with his practice. They all hoped that the little boy could walk on his own. Rocky was still in his treatment process. However, with great improvements in his situation, we can expect that Rocky can walk without support one day.

Screenshot: Julia Modas

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