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Funny Perfectly Timed Pictures Capturing Moment Before Disasters

Accidents are not a thing that we can predict. However, there’re times when people accidentally capture the moment right before the disaster hits. Yet, they can do nothing more than helplessly watch it strikes. Indeed, everything happens so fast that you don’t even have time to shout.

What will you do when you are taking a selfie and notice a ball coming to you in the background? Dodge it? That sounds impractical. Or when you mindlessly throw a bucket of water onto the lawn only then to see someone passing by, how can you help with that? Yeah, totally nothing, and that makes things even more hilarious. We have listed out below some of the funniest situations of people, so let’s take a look at the photos to see their upcoming unfortunate incidents.

#1 This photo is legendary in my family. A snapshot right before my mom was hit by a baseball.

Image Credit: p07a70

#2 Baseball chillin amongst a crowd full of expressive faces

Image Credit: Bridge-ineer

#3 That smile didn’t last long


#4 Moments before disaster

Image Credit: RedditDropp

#5 When You See It…

Image Credit: KosherKittens

#6 We’ve all been here


#7 Some of my best buds posing in front of the ocean

Image Credit: wakipaki

#8 That moment the goat rushed head first

Image Credit: GallowBoob

#9 Perfect timing

Image Credit: Duat-Re

#10 One year ago my girlfriend found a 4 leaf clover

Image Credit: abusivecat

#11 This is why you should always wear a helmet

Image Credit: throatfrog

#12 Ohh no

Image Credit: shareably

#13 Almost 12 years ago my Dad caught a picture so rare that no one believed us when we told them. Today I finally found the picture to prove it…

Image Credit: future_career

#14 My dog threw up while I was taking a selfie

Image Credit: iykke_ii

#15 Night-club guy losing a tooth

Image Credit: urbinsanity

#16 Stay positive

Image Credit: Unknown

#17 Well. Sh*t!!

Image Credit: funnyjunk

#18 Wedding crashing

Image Credit: GallowBoob

#19 Looks shocked

Image Credit: Sascha Steinbach

#20 Want a little refreshment?

Image Credit: funnyjunk

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