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Funny Tweets About How Covid-19 And Face Mask Get Us All

Until now, we have been coping with the pandemic for one and a half years. And to be fair, nobody can ever get used to this situation. Our lives are now quarantine, social distancing, sanitizer 24/24, and one thing for sure, face mask. For anyone who doesn’t have the habit of wearing a face mask before the pandemic, this is definitely a huge change.

People cannot go out without masks. It’s obligatory. This new principle is not comfortable for everyone, just like wearing a mask all the time is not comfortable as well. Despite the difficulties, people still try to follow the rules as well as possible. There’re complaints sometimes, but people do it from a humorous perspective. In this post, we have some hilarious tweets about face masks. If you’ve ever felt that your life is not the same anymore since the day you had face masks as a company, then let’s check out these tweets now to see that you’re not alone.

#1 For sure…

Image Credit: Jared Freid

#2 Now I can do it reasonably, fearlessly

Image Credit: Sarah Thyre

#3 Just another way around

Image Credit: mark

#4 I heard that so many times

Image Credit: Henpecked Hal

#5 Irony

Image Credit: Subhah

#6 You want me to take it off?

Image Credit: Amanda Duberman

#7 It’s weird but okay

Image Credit: Abbi Crutchfield

#8 Time’s up

Image Credit: Marl 

#9 Feel like a self-suffocating mask

Image Credit: WTFDAD

#10 Can’t wait for having to wear it for an 8-hour shift

Image Credit: Maggie Scott

#11 Just a lil bit overworked

Image Credit: Jill Gutowitz

#12 Crime scene

Image Credit: nicole byer

#13 Clear, mom!

Image Credit: etj.

#14 Who’ll know?

Image Credit: conchita

#15 Speak up for the future

Image Credit: Conrad Zimmerman

#16 Tested

Image Credit: Sarah Silverman

#17 Just one more layer of defense

Image Credit: Abi

#18 Double standard right here

Image Credit: Sassparilla

#19 What kind of logic is that?

Image Credit: Allana Harkin

#20 There’s no way. Get used to it.

Image Credit: Jacob Soboroff

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