Hilarious And Silly Lyrics That You Can’t Stop Laughing

Music is an indispensable part of many people’s lives. We listen to music when we’re happy, when we’re sad, or when we need to entertain ourselves. “Feel the beat” while driving, for example. Nice and meaningful songs can even heal a suffering soul. Do you agree?

Nevertheless, many song lyrics are too silly that you wonder why these can even be released. What’s on songwriter’s minds when they come up with these words for the music. From “If the light is off, then it isn’t on”, “To unlock doors I use a key”, to “Many college students have gone to college”, those hilarious lyrics really make me laugh out loud.

An account on Twitter named Lyric Cards has shared funny lyrics from songs that you’d never believe are real, and we’ve rounded them up in the list below. Even though these lyrics may sound like nonsense, somehow they can bring you a good laugh. Let’s check them out!

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#1. “When you get punched in the face it hurts”

#2. “To unlock doors I use a key”

#3. “Many college students have gone to college”

#4. “If the light is off, then it isn’t on”

#5. “Green was the color of the grass”

#6. “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble”

#7. “What up, store?”

#8. Absolutely, no

#9. “I thought that I was gay, ’cause I could draw”

#10. “You left your fridge open, somebody just took a sandwich”

#11. Be my vacuum for what?

#12. Okay, you’re straight

#13. “I-T, I spelled it out”

#14. “If you ever feel alone, don’t”

#15. So much sadness

#16. “‘Cause we’ve watched it 12 times”

#17. “She’s indecisive, she can’t decide”

#18. “You’re so sad, maybe you should buy a happy meal”

#19. Na na na and yeah yeah yeah

#20. “I don’t wanna sing anymore”

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