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Hilarious Moment Baby Sneaks Food During Prayer Time

For many families in the world, when it comes time to sit down for meals, it’s expected they take a moment to pray before eating. And of course, it’s always considered an important part of their meals.

But the little baby in this video just seemed to be a bit too hungry to make it all the way through prayer time. As the family gathered around for a nice meal and bowed their heads to pray, he tried to sneak food.

It seemed like this cute little boy had a bit of trouble keeping his patience, so much so that his mom had noticed this before and prepared a camera to capture his funny action. The mom could be heard saying prayers with the boy joining in and also sneaking in a bite while doing so.

This funny moment had the whole family laughing. What about you? It is guaranteed to make you laugh till your sides pain. Scroll down to enjoy it!

Watch the video here:

There’s no doubt that children are truly a gift from God. They make us happy and give us a whole lot of love. If you are parents, please share photos and videos of your children with us to make our days better and happier!

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