Hilarious Photos Of “Background Is More Interesting”

Guys, do you like taking photos? I think most answers will be ‘yes’. We often take pictures at important events, birthday parties, special occasions, and so on. When traveling somewhere, we tend to take numerous pics to save our precious moments.

Sometimes, when we open the phone’s gallery to check our photos, we may find that there is something wrong. One of the pics is hilariously ruined by a bad background. The scene behind our back is so funny that we are not the spotlight of the pic. Although it’s not happy to have a ruined photo, it’s not so bad if the ridiculous background makes the photo more unforgettable.

In this post, we’ve collected 16 photos that have hilarious backgrounds. These are so amusing that I can’t stop laughing at. If you are looking for something to spice up your mood, this will be tailor-made for you.

#1. “Hey look at me, not the boy behind me”

#2. The woman takes her own selfie

#3. Let’s focus on the couple

#4. Whose eye?

#5. The girl is so pretty, so don’t look at anything else

#6. You see the clown?

#7. Look at the dog’s face

#8. He looks so serious

#9. Happy birthday Kelley, but the background is just…

#10. “Hey, can you see my mask?”

#11. Oops

#12. “I’m the main character, please ignore the couple”

#13. The little boy wants to do something

#14. What a mess behind them

#15. Nice background

#16. The man also wants to take a photo

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