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People In The Philippines Are Sharing Hilarious ‘Proof Of Delivery’ Photos

If you have gone online shopping once, you will know that delivery men have to take the photo evidence. It’s an action to prove that the goods have been delivered to the right destination.

Taking photos of the package only seems so normal, so some people in the Philippines decide to make it more special. They take a photoshoot of themselves with their received products, posing like professional models. I can’t help but laugh so hard seeing these pics. Shippers and receivers who come up with this idea are so smart and have an excellent sense of humor. They do know how to bring laughs to surrounding people.

Looking for ways to lighten up your boring day? This post will be tailor-made for you!

1. “Hey man, I’m supermodel”

2. “I’m sexy and I know it”

3. “Does this pose look good?”

4. “I’m so cool, right bro?”

5. “Is it impressive enough?” – “Yes, it is.”

6. “Lean on the wall, please”

7. Look her in the eye

8. He looks like a brand representative, really

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