Street Photographer Takes Perfectly Timed Photos Of People And They Are Funny

Edas Wong is a street photographer living in Hong Kong. He loves to capture surreal scenes that happen around us. For that reason, he’s shared many street photos that are so interesting. He can spot even the smallest details and shoot something that others cannot observe. The images are perfectly shot on the streets that may give us a different sight. For instance, a man standing in front of a picture that makes him look like he has Maleficient horns.

So in this post, we’ve collected some street photos of Edas Wong that are perfectly captured. These are not only nice pictures to see but also good ways to make you smile. Looking for something to entertain yourself? Let’s scroll down and check these out!

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#1. Shh, she’s sleeping

#2. Salted human

#3. Hard question, huh?

#4. Hey, hey, hey!

#5. He’s a king

#6. Goku?

#7. Hands up

#8. Quick moves

#9. LOL

#10. Let’s all drink together

#11. Maleficient, lol

#12. Nice

#13. On the top of the mountain

#14. What are you looking at?

#15. Wow, such a good balance!

#16. Cool hair

#17. Cute horns

#18. Perfect contrast

#19. Cat lady

#20. “Genius is born crazy”

#21. A great trio

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