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The Unending Battle Between The Originals And The Copycats In Architecture

Architecture is a job that requires creative imagination. For every new project, a new building will be constructed. Of course, the investors expect their building to be unique and captivating. However, the designers and architects sometimes do not have that many ideas to create a totally new product. About the solution, many have chosen to copy the idea from other existing constructions.

It’s common to use established works as references for some small details, but definitely not the major element or even the entire building. That’s illegal. But still, copycat buildings are everywhere to see. We have chosen 10 of the most typical examples of look-alike buildings from around the world. Let’s check it out now in the list below.

#1 Tower Bridge, London, UK vs Tower Bridge, Suzhou, China

Image Credit: inglescomvivi

Image Credit: VCG

#2 St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Italy vs St Peter’s Basilica, Nikkō, Japan

Image Credit: where.i.m.now

Image Credit: amirtha

#3 The Gherkin, London vs Damac Park Towers, Dubai and Torre Agbar, Barcelona

Image Credit: sam_neequaye

Image Credit: chethanraju_blr

Image Credit: yelovi_color

#4 Eiffel Tower, Paris, France vs Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas, USA

Image Credit: parisfranceofficial

Image Credit: eiffeltowerrestaurant

#5 Hanoi Museum, Vietnam vs China Pavilion, Shanghai, China

Image Credit: kleshnin_ivan

Image Credit: weijia0923

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