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Unexpected And Funny Bathroom Experiences That You Could Never Think Of

Normally, when people go to the bathroom, they would like to do their thing quickly and then get out. That’s why they don’t pay much attention to this place, most of the time. However, lots of things could happen in just those few minutes. And people find out that this place could be as surprisingly funny as all other places.

There are so many strange things found in toilets, private or public. Don’t believe it? Keep scrolling down to see for yourself. People have taken pictures of their one-of-a-kind restroom experiences and shared them online. So we have piled up some of the funniest ones in the collection below. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 Privacy is a concept that some bathroom designers don’t really understand.

Image Credit: MirageTF2

#2 Found this in the bathroom at a local tattoo parlor.

Image Credit: FishBrain208

#3 Reflective tile on the ceiling is a FANTASTIC idea in a large shopping center bathroom!

Image Credit: silva_wings

#4 Got a complaint at work about ’very loud crickets’ in the bathroom…

Image Credit: cedarvan

#5 My bathroom window looks like a painting.

Image Credit: antikythera3301

#6 In this bathroom, 2 can watch.

Image Credit: SpongeKake

#7 The only bathroom mirror anyone needs…

Image Credit: 1337ingDisorder

#8 This bathroom I used today has a column in front of the urinals.

Image Credit: Tiidwunduniik 

#9 My roommate got this shower curtain for the communal bathroom.

Image Credit: Baybonski

#10 In the bathroom of a local shop.

Image Credit: MemeChallenge

#11 I noticed that butterflies appear on my bathroom mirror when it gets steamy. Then they disappear.

Image Credit: ingw**d

#12 This bathroom has lights to indicate vacancy.

Image Credit: __TheBoulder__

#13 Found this bathroom sign in a shop earlier this week. I like to think this is what would appear in Amnesty Lodge.

Image Credit: sowhattttt 

#14 Oh to be shitting on a toilet as the sun rises over a peaceful alpine meadow with no sign of civilization in sight.

Image Credit: cursed.aesthetic

#15 If you can wash both of your hands at the same time here, you’re a genius.

Image Credit: Citizen_Spaceball

#16 Went to change the toilet paper in my boyfriend’s bathroom…

Image Credit: hereformyplants

#17 I usually hate pool bathrooms, but this…

Image Credit: lookiecabbage

#18 In this hotel, you can’t turn the bathroom lights on once you’ve opened the sliding door.

Image Credit: tobsiber

#19 Oops…

Image Credit: scarytoilet

#20 Sure! I can urinate while people walk in and out…

Image Credit: dmtherob

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