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Sad Puppy With Broken Leg Lives In Happiness After Reuniting With Beloved Family

This sober-eyed little sweetheart was Suzie. After an accident, she got a broken leg and an injured head. She was soon taken to the hospital and healed up under the best care and love of Animal Aid Unlimited. Now, Suzie is living happily with her loving family.

Back when Suzie was found, she could hardly stand because of the painful fractured leg. The rescuers appeared and brought the poor little girl to their hospital so that she could receive medical care. Along with an injured leg, Suzie also got a wound on her head. To relieve the pains, doctors injected her with some medicine. During the physical examination, the little angel was frightened, but she didn’t put up a fight.

The medical team splinted Suzie’s leg to fix the fractured bone and applied powder mediation into her wounded head. They hoped that the sad puppy could feel better when her pain subsided. During the treatment, despite receiving care and love from the rescuers, Suzie felt homesick. The little girl just wanted to heal up quickly so that she could come back with her beloved family. After Suzie had recovered, the rescuers decided to return her to home.

The doctors had been wondering why Suzie’s eyes still held some anxiety, until they saw her in enjoyment playing with her family members. The sweetheart was in a lifted mood. She couldn’t feel happier to reunite with her caring owner and her lovely brother. Also, she showed warm gratitude for the medical team who had saved her cared for her.

Family is the most important thing to some people, and Suzie values her family so much. Now, the little puppy is in safety and happiness, and the team kept visiting her regularly to see the beautiful girl in good health condition. Organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited should appear around the world to provide on-time help and care to vulnerable animals. If you find their work meaningful, please support them at this link.

Watch the full rescue here:

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