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Abandoned Dog Who Took One Month To Be Rescued Is Now Safe And Happy

Shelly was a timid abandoned dog whom the rescuers took much time and effort to catch. The female German Shepherd was found in California and was rescued by A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue a month later.

Screenshot:A Saefurr Place Animal Rescue

Like many abandoned dogs, Shelly was scared of humans. She found a comfortable place for herself which was located at the corner of McCray and Galaxy. For days, the girl sat under the shade of the trees, waiting for her owner who never came. The neighbors who wanted to help the poor dog found it impossible, as she would flee away if they approached her. When the rescuers came to her, Shelly ran away although she was enjoying her meal.

Screenshot:A Saefurr Place Animal Rescue.

From the next day, Shelly started to disappear. The team patrolled around some of her favorite places, but the girl was nowhere to be found. The rescuers were concerned for Shelly and her safety. Thirteen days after, a team member spotted the dog ten blocks South of her previous location. The rescue team couldn’t feel happier, but they decided to follow the girl from a distance. They didn’t want to scare Shelly and make her escape for a second time.

Screenshot:A Saefurr Place Animal Rescue

Danny, one of the rescuers, was able to leave a trail of solid food into a less busy street, but it stopped her legs in just a while. The dog continued moving to another place after eating all of the food. Danny and his team spent an hour keeping her from wandering through busy streets. Yet their appearance annoyed Shelly. She defended herself until the rescuers left her alone. Then, the dog relocated to a new site two miles away. Thankfully, Karen, who worked as an animal supporter for years, joined the team to rescue Shelly on the next day.

Screenshot:A Saefurr Place Animal Rescue

With the help of mild sedatives, Karen was able to tie a leash into her neck and took the girl to a safe place. Shelly was frightened but quickly calmed down thanks to reassuring behaviors. She became a sweet, obedient, and lovely angel who understood what the rescuers did to help her. Now, the beautiful girl is living in safety at a foster home where she is loved and cared for. She has got new friends to share cheerful moments with. Sweetheart Shelly feels grateful for being saved by A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue. She is always waiting for a great family. To adopt Shelly, please send an email to info@asafefurrplace.com

Screenshot:A Saefurr Place Animal Rescue

You can donate A Safurr Place Animal Rescue and support their work here.

Watch the full rescue:

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