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20 Hilarious Travel Memes That Every Travel Lover Can Relate

Do you like travelling? I am definitely a person who always dreams about adventures. Enjoying beautiful landscapes, meeting new people, trying delicious food, and exploring different cultures – who can resist all these interesting things?

When it comes to travel, people usually think about money, flight tickets, luggage, and of course, teammates who are willing to join you on every trip after just a call. But sometimes, things do not go according to our expectations. Your tripmate may cancel the trip at the last minute. Just a half laughing, half crying situation, right?

Today, we would like to share 20 funny travel memes that every travel lover can understand. I can’t help but laugh when collecting these pics. I can relate. Looking for ways to boost your mood? This post will be right up your street!

1. Only me going on the trip in the end

2. Travel is my life

3. Just to be sure I won’t lose it again

4. I still have fun alone

5. Anyone else?

6. “Please, I’m in hurry!”

7. Two different shades

8. “I have to pack my clothes!”

9. Such a sad story!

10. Take pictures everywhere

11. “Quickly! We’re late!”

12. So far away…

13. “Okay, so you can walk and I’ll take a plane.”

14. It’s not like your imagination, really

15. You’re smart and you know it

16. Best feeling in the world

17. Don’t rush, guys

18. Okay, still the same plane

19. Let me join you guys, I feel lonely!

20. Everyone has a dream, right?

H/T: Bored Panda

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