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Hilarious Incidents When Navigating On Google Maps

Google Maps is an amazing software, has greatly changed the way people travel. As the app becomes popular and available, it’s hard to see a tourist wandering around holding a printed map. Also, drivers can now travel a long distance without asking people about the routes because Google Maps has it all.

The software provides users detailed information about roads, tracks, gas stations, hotels, food stores, etc. It seems like the app has everything in it and even has elaborated directions for each place. That’s really nice, but is Google Maps trustworthy? Probably yes. Most of the time, people can trust it to find their way going here and there. However, there are times when errors occur.

For people who seriously believe in what the app says, the consequences for them are hilarious sometimes. We have piled up some of the funniest incidents people have experienced while using Google Maps. Let’s check out the list below.

#1 Walking on water

Image Credit: Google Maps

A man walked across the frozen Mississippi until he fell through the thin ice. He misinterpreted the direction on Google maps and crossed the river instead of using the pedestrian bridge.

#2 Muddy shortcut

Image Credit: CNN

After a crash near Denver International Airport, hundreds of drivers were directed to an alternative route by Google maps. But it turned out to be a muddy track and trapped a long line of cars, causing another traffic congestion.

#3 When you take Google Maps too seriously

Image Credit: K@n!$hk Kr!shn@

#4 Totally unexpected

Image Credit: Jigar Buddhdev

#5 Trust me, this is the fastest way

Image Credit: vnexpress

#6 Through the jungle, then up to the mountain

Image Credit: vnexpress

#7 Didn’t see it coming

Image Credit: Google

A cyclist followed Google map and went down a 4,5-mile underwater tunnel in Norway, which has no lane for cyclists. The first decline part was no problem, but the next 3 kilometers incline has stopped him from getting out of the tunnel. Luckily. the man was rescued after 30 minutes.

#8 Japanese tourist in Australia drives right into the Pacific

Image Credit: reuters

#9 Such a journey

Image Credit: vnexpress

#10 I thought I could get through

Image Credit: Dan DeLong/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

This 12-foot tall bus attempted to cross under a 9-foot tall bridge following Google maps, and this was the result.

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