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Dog Hit By A Car And Falling Into Nearby Field Is Living Happily At Foster Home

A week ago, a poor dog was left motionless in a field after being hit by a car in Thailand. The rescuers arrived in time and rushed the injured dog to the vet. He is being treated for his broken forearm that will recover soon.

Back when the dog was found, he looked sad and exhausted. The severe injury was so painful that he even couldn’t stand and walk. The poor little soul could do nothing but wait for the rescuers to come and help him. As he was rigid in pain, the rescuers needed to be very careful to load him to their car. Then, the boy was taken to the vet for medical care.

According to the X-rays, one of his front legs was badly broken and was causing so much pain. He was given intravenous fluids and pain medicine as first aid. The vet said that he had to wear a cast to fix the fractured bone. Two weeks later, the boy would be checked again at the clinic. He desperately needed human care and love to recover.

After taking him to the vet, the rescuers drove the poor dog to their shelter so he could be cared for during his treatment. The little creature felt happy and grateful for his rescuers and doctors who had saved his life. He is currently receiving love and care at the foster home where he continues his recovery. Let’s pray for this sweetheart to heal up and walk again normally.

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Watch the full rescue here

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