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Save Your Money Wisely By NOT Buying These 25 Useless Kitchen Gadgets

As technology develops, new kitchen gadgets and appliances have been invented to make some specific tasks a bit easier. The market is full of these fabulous-looking things of all sizes and shapes, and each one has a really distinctive function. Can you imagine a special machine, made only to cook eggs? Or special scissors to cut pizza?

While some of them can truly be helpful, others are literally a waste of money. If you have an intention to buy some new kitchenware, be sure to check out these items below. They are some of the useless appliances that you definitely should not buy.

#1 Electric Can Opener

Image Credit: Amazon

This machine will help you open any type of can, with or without the ring. Just be careful because it will cost you a big amount of money to repair if it breaks.

#2 Pie Bird

Image Credit: Amazon

The little bird in the middle works as a steam vent when your pie bakes. For a simpler solution, just poke a hole.

#3 Garlic Press

Image Credit: Amazon

This gadget is notoriously hard to clean. If you need finely minced garlic, you can buy garlic paste instead.

#4 Electric Salt and Pepper Grinders

Image Credit: Amazon

This device is perfect for those who have arthritic hands or conditions that make them unable to twist a handle. Otherwise, it’s not worth an extra spend.

#5 Meat-shredding Claws

Image Credit: Amazon

You can buy these things to wear and make you look like Wolverine. Or else, just use a couple of folks for the same purpose.

#6 Corn Kernel Stripper

Image Credit: Amazon

This gadget helps you strip the kernels out of the corn cob, and so a knife does. For me, I will enjoy eating directly from the corn cob.

#7 Musical Cake Server

Image Credit: Amazon

Save your effort on singing because this device will sing to you, your friends, and your family. Enjoy two hours of continuous play before its battery runs out. Sadly, it’s a non-replaceable one.

#8 Rapid Pizza Reheater

Image Credit: Amazon

This pan does nothing better than putting pizza in the microwave. For a better way, put that cold piece of pizza in an oven or use a skillet to restore the crispy crust and melty cheese.

#9 Electric Wine Opener

Image Credit: Amazon

This device is proven to be single-use, expensive, and not worth money. It even requires an outlet at your counter so just stay with the manual mode.

#10 Warming Ice Cream Scoop

Image Credit: Amazon

Tired of waiting for the ice cream to melt out? This scoop will heat it and save your time. How amazing.

#11 Egg Cooker

Image Credit: Amazon

Cooking an egg requires little effort and skill to do, so just save your money.

#12 Milk Tea Shaker

Image Credit: Amazon

If you can afford an automatic milk shaker, just simply spend that money on a nearby tea shop that meets your taste.

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