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14 Hilarious Hairstyle Photos To Spice Up Your Mood

People always want to try something new. For instance, you’ve kept a hairstyle for a little too long, so you want to change it to have a fresher look. I used to have nice hair. But after I decided to ‘try something new’, my hair turned out to be so ridiculous. That was one of my half-laughing, half-crying memories with the hair salon.

Some people may have an idea about hairstyle in their mind in the first place. And they are lucky enough to have it done by a great hairstylist. But there are barbers who didn’t meet their customer’s expectations. The result is they may create some strange hairstyles that can make you laugh so hard. Just imagine you also have a hairstyle like that, lol.

Today we would like to share 14 funny hairstyle photos. I can’t stop laughing when collecting these pics. If you are looking for ways to spice up your mood, this post will be right up your street!

1. It looks so smooth, but it’s also like an onion

2. You got what you want?

3. So creative

4. Done!

5. ‘Naive’ hair

6. Lol

7. Say no more

8. Follow him

9. Okay, you want ramen noodles

10. Such a cute bee!

11. Pointy hair

12. French fries

13. A tennis ball

14. Staircase?

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