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25 Times Car Drivers Leave Us Questioning Their Intellect

In any case, car accidents are the most unwanted things that happen to us. Sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it’s not, but the consequence is clear to see. Of course, none of us was born with the ability to drive. Everyone needs to learn from scratches, yet some people are just simply less skillful behind the wheel.

Car accidents are definitely not a funny thing. However, some circumstances are so hilarious that we cannot hold back our laughter. Even though they are not serious accidents, the bizarre way people cause them is seriously laughable. How on earth did the drivers even manage to end up in those situations? Let’s check out these ridiculous pics below to see and learn from their mistakes.

#1 We Have Been Forced Quarantined For 48 Hours. Notice The Empty Street And The Closed Gas Station And These Guys Managed To Get Into A Crash

Image Credit: clopz_

#2 Some Idiot Hits A Completely Stopped Bus. It’s Me, I’m The Idiot

Image Credit: lololorennnnn

#3 Dude Drove Through Barriers And Onto A Bridge Under Construction On I-70 Bridge In KC. Shear Studs Ripped His Undercarriage To Shreds

Image Credit: Baby_Steve_CU

#4 Literally, The Only 2 Cars In Belgrade Managed To Hit Each Other

Image Credit: Porodicnostablo

#5 This Idiot Hit Me While He Was Pulling Out Of A Gas Station, He Said He Didn’t See Me

Image Credit: NotSoAverageStoner

#6 Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Image Credit: Nippely

#7 They Couldn’t Do It

Image Credit: NinjaCatPurr

#8 That’s A Lot Of Damage

Image Credit: Spinuxx

#9 My Oblivious Neighbor

Image Credit: bothanspy7

#10 Drunk Driver Turned Directly In Front Of My Van. Tried To Run And Rev His Engine But Only Succeeded In Setting His Car On Fire. Also Wasn’t Wearing A Seatbelt. Don’t Drink And Drive Kids

Image Credit: keepemseparated

#11 Happened In Germany Today. Elderly People Really Should Take A Second Driving Test

Image Credit: switchery

#12 Some People Are A Unique Kind Of Idiot

Image Credit: EkaL25

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