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Funny Things That Only Happen In Dubai

Have you ever heard about the extremely rich place Dubai? It is a modern city with many skyscrapers, beautiful sandy beaches, and luxury resorts. Dubai also has fascinating nightlife. Everything you can enjoy from live music bars to great restaurants. Such an ideal place to live, right?

Besides, there are many interesting things in Dubai that you can never imagine or see in any other places in the world. People go for a walk with their pets, but you know what kind of pets they have? It can be a tiger or a lion. It sounds strange but it’s absolutely real.

So today, we’ve rounded up 10 photos of things that only happen in Dubai. If you are looking for ways to brighten up your day, don’t skip this post. And share it with your friends to have more fun. Let’s scroll down!

1. Wow this tennis court

2. Cool!

3. Gold ATM

4. Sparked camel

5. Supercars traffic jam

6. Ride a lion

7. Super expensive cell phones

8. Such an obedient pet!

9. It’s a double car

10. The best solution when you get stuck in traffic

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