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People Creates Hilarious Signs To Get Rid Of Boredom During The Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting our livelihoods seriously. The world seems to be turned upside down, inside out by all of its consequences. And to prevent its spread, performing quarantine regulations is one of the best ways that we can do to stay safe and sound.

Although not everyone hates staying at home, most of us don’t like being stuck indoors for days or weeks. Do the same things time and again, go back and forth around the house, see the four walls instead of going out to meet friends and relatives – all of these turn our daily lives doom and gloom, or even stress us out.

Some people, however, try their level best to keep their spirits when living in isolation. They decide to show others that life still goes on by creating amusing quarantine signs. Besides reminding people to comply with the social distancing rules strictly, those hilarious signs bring us a peal of laughter. The pandemic is distressing, and we need to stay positive in order to overcome these difficult times together.

#1. “Days Since Pants”

#2. “Poor Kid…”

#3. “Sun Ray Keeping It Real”

#4. “Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood”

#5. “My Sister Sent Me A Picture Of My Newborn Niece For My Birthday, Since I Haven’t Been Able To Meet Her Yet”

#6. “My Local Shop Putting Up Signs Of 2011 Memes Due To The Lack Of Toiletpaper”

#7. “Spotted This In My City”

#8. “Love The Sense Of Humor Of This Sign Owner”

#9. “Anyone, No”

#10. “He’s Got A Point”

#11. “My Town’s Example Distances For Social Distancing”

#12. “My Township Has Some Funny Business Owners”

#13. “Free Cure”

#14. “The Joys Of Working From Home”

#15. “I Saw This At My Local CVS”

#16. “Advice From God”

#17. “No Gloves”

#18. “If You Have To Work, You Might As Well Enjoy It”

#19. “Strict Dad”

#20. “Saw This On My Walk Today”

#21. “Columbus, Oh”

#22. “The Sign At The Pizza Place I Go To”

#23. “My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me In… Something About Not Being On This List”

#24. “Truth!”

#25. Free Stare

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