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Wife Asks People To Photoshop What Husband Missed While He Was Sleeping On A Trip

Dozing off during a trip is nothing abnormal. Sitting in the car for several hours will make you feel tired and gradually fall asleep. In case you’re not the driver, you totally can take a nap to ease your exhausting brain. But it also means that you may miss some stuff along the way.

A woman snapped a photo of her husband sleeping on their road trip and posted it on a Facebook group. She asked people to help her photoshop something in the window so that she could tell him what he missed while snoozing. The post immediately went viral. Many people, with their good sense of humor and photoshop skills, turned the pic into many hilarious versions. And according to those photo edits, the poor guy missed a dozen interesting things while slumbering.

Let’s scroll down to get fun!

#1. “Don’t move”

#2. Oops! He missed such a great scene

#3. I laugh so hard at this window licker

#4. OMG, scary!

#5. Great idea! It was so funny

#6. Flying pigs

#7. Wow, that’s so cool!

#8. Hilarious, lmao

#9. Don’t open your eyes, bro

#10. Look at her expression, lol

#11. What a cutie!

#12. Nothing could wake him

#13. LOL, they altered his lips

#14. Wake up or he’ll snap

#15. Hey, someone gives you the money!

#16. “Dude, get up!”

#17. This one looks too real

#18. That face

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