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22 Super Funny Pictures Of Dads Staying At Home With Kids

We know that parenting is a shared responsibility. However, we normally see kids staying at home with mom. It’s just because moms know exactly how to take care of their children, and can keep an eye on them while doing household chores. Meanwhile, most dads seem not to be very good at that.

So what will happen if mom leaves the kid alone with dad? The fact is dad can do whatever mom can do. But they tend to create their very own ways to make the task easier. If it’s boring, they can make fun of their kids by drawing some ridiculous things on the baby’s faces. A thick mustache, for example.

Here we’ve collected 22 funny pictures of dads staying at home with kids that will never fail to make you burst out laugh. The dads in these pics are creative and humorous as well. These are so cute that I just keep smiling when scrolling down. Looking for ways to make your dull days lighten up? This post will be right up your street!

#1. Stay still, kid

#2. Very smooth mouse pad

#3. I laugh so hard at this old face and six-pack abs

#4. A good way to keep the baby’s arms in place

#5. Awesome!

#6. Daddy’s three little servants

#7. She looks so happy with this watermelon helmet

#8. Another way to use bananas properly

#9. It’s just convenient

#10. So cool and so cute

#11. Doze off and turn out to be a little drunker

#12. “I need to drink, too”

#13. LOL, the best pic ever

#14. “Okay, just do whatever you want”

#15. “Let daddy be a swing for you”

#16. “Am I a joke to you?”

#17. It’s fair

#18. Dad just can’t stop playing video games

#19. That’s so funny, lmao

#20. Great idea

#21. Dad has his own way to tie his daughter’s hair

#22. “Boy, you look so good in this oversized suit”

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