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20 Animals Who Don’t Know How Adorably Funny They Are

It’s always great to get a pet at home. Almost all pet owners agree on this. They can boost your mood faster than a rocket. Their sassy, sitting positions, quirky habits, their innocent eyes, their clumsy gestures – these can win the heart of people around them. Your daily life will never get boring when staying with these furry friends. Believe us!

In this post, I’m glad to share animals who don’t know how adorably funny they are. If you are adopting a pet, these will be right up your street. People who are looking for a vitamin for a new week may also give these a look. These fluffy friends are incredibly adorable. I can’t get enough of their born cuteness. Some even teach us how to be a good friend and how to love humans around us. Let’s check them out!

1. “I’m upset. I won’t speak to you in 3 minutes.”

2. “Actually, I don’t like being cuddled this time but I pretend to do.”

3. “Do you want to play pick-a-boo?”

4. “Is this my food?”

5. “I plan an escape but fail in the end.”

6. “I like this “house” so bad but mom tells me it’s not mine.”

7. “I know that you play a prank on me, guys.”

8. “Me, five minutes after being woken up by mom at 5.”

9. “Are you kidding me, human? Swimming is not funny at all.”

10. “This is a great way to make fun of myself.”

11. “I can’t hide my excitement going to the sea for the first time.”

12. “My groundtime.”

13. “Just sleep like you are on the sunny Hawai beach.”

14. “Food serve, hooman?”

15. “Another version of climbing trees. Are we smart?”

16. “Stay away from me that fluffy creature. You are making me mad!”

17. “I’m scared of that animal, bro.”

18. “Is there anything wrong with my sitting position?”

19. “I think one of my cats is trying to fart!”

20. “I’m sorry but a cat with long legs must sleep like this.”

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