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25 Hilarious Restaurant Menu Expectation Vs Reality

When you don’t have time to cook for yourself, the fastest way to get a meal is ordering the food from stores or restaurants. There are many dishes that look very fancy and attractive on the brochures. But when the real product is brought to your hands, you may find out that it doesn’t appear like the advertising image at all. You order a seafood pizza, but the restaurant sends you a pizza with just some pieces of tomato instead. Or you purchase a steak salad, and the one you get is vegetable only.

You don’t want to eat that cheap-looking dish, but can’t just throw it out. The result is you eat the food in disappointment. Have you ever been in half laughing, half crying situation like that? Here we’ve collected 25 funny pictures of restaurant menu expectation vs reality. Let’s check them out!

#1. Steak salad

#2. Bruschetta

#3. Ewww

#4. These look like they are uncooked

#5. I see no similarity

#6. But this one looks so cute

#7. Where is the filling?

#8. Burger king grill dog chedda and bacon

#9. That’s big size?

#10. How can they do that?

#11. No heart for you, lol

#12. The chocolate cake is smaller but the pieces of strawberry are a bit bigger

#13. Expectation vs reality

#14. Grilled salmon

#15. They say these green beans are flash-fried golden brown

#16. Look at the chicken

#17. “Dream donut”

#18. This taco…

#19. From fat one to flat one

#20. I think these are not the same kind

#21. No need to put that much sauce

#22. Nooo

#23. “Which melt will you choose?”

#24. Cheese fries

#25. It looks like they run out of avocado

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