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20 Hilarious Selfie Fails Reminding You To Check The Background Before Taking Photos

Taking selfies is a trend these days. Being free to pose any posture wherever and whenever you want, then share it on your social media. Every moment of your life can be taken all by yourself with your mobile phone, no need to have a professional cameraman.

It seems like nothing can go wrong because you are the one who presses the capture button. But sometimes taking a selfie does not go so well as the way you expected. You don’t have any problem with your pose, but you forget to check the background behind you and the result is you get a selfie disaster.

Below are 20 hilarious selfie fails that remind you to be careful while snapping pictures, especially with your mirror or even your sunglasses because they can be the “culprits” that ruin your perfect pics. If you are looking for fun things to spice up your mood, don’t skip this post!

#1. “Probably the best photobomb of all time.”


#2. Hey, check your mirror


#3. “I may see a better selfie of a man, a baby and a dog this month but I doubt it”


#4. “Bae caught me slippin'”


#5. I don’t see anything

#6. Big boy and mama

#7. What’s wrong with the traffic?

#8. The dog is sick


#9. Background fail

#10. Spider selfie

Jair Townsend

#11. Is that man Voldemort?


#12. “My friend just posted the best selfie I’ve ever seen.”


#13. The little boy

#14. “That awkward moment when you’re trying to take a selfie and a mother decides to beat her child with her sandal”


#15. “I had this on my refrigerator for 6 years before I noticed it”


#16. “Aww my boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking in shower shots of me hehe”


#17. “My friend got his tux in and sent me a pic. I had to bring it to his attention what was going on in the background.”


#18. “Hate it when my girlfriend takes pictures of me sleeping.”


#19. “Buddy sent us a picture of his turf-burn. When you see it…”


#20. “That moment your camera focuses on a horse’s butt instead of your selfie”


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