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20 Pics Prove That Children Are Funny In Their Own Way

From 2 years old, children will actively explore the world. As they can walk now, they want to go around and try on everything they can get. Their young minds are so pure and simple, so almost everything can be new to them. Keeping them curious about the world is good. That’ll be an effective way of self-learning. However, bear in mind that their mind is also vulnerable, easily gets hurt from unimaginable things.

Parenting is not easy. To successfully raise a child, it’s not just nurturing, caring, education, but sometimes you’ll also need to satisfy their unreasonable demands and answer their peculiar questions. That’s hilarious to some extends because children use logic in a very illogical way. Below is a collection of funny stories shared by parents from all over the world. Let’s check it out and have a good day with our little angels.

#1 He does NOT want me to take his “sticker” away. At least it might absorb the tears!

Image Credit: dazeyreign

#2 I told her she couldn’t go inside the dishwasher.

Image Credit: emily.ives

#3 She wanted ravioli for dinner. I made ravioli for dinner. She didn’t want ravioli for dinner.

Image Credit: tacocat.herine

#4The face of someone whose mom wouldn’t let him hold his own shit in his hands…

Image Credit: ohthatmomglow 

#5 All that hard work on the toilet only to find out your mommy flushed your poo before you got to say your good-byes.

Image Credit: ruffledsnob

#6 The first meltdown was over chocolate milk. The epic meltdown in the checkout line because I wouldn’t buy her women’s razors.

Image Credit: lynnecomer36

#7 Told her no to a bath after she just got out of a bath.

Image Credit: amy_fullen

#8 He is mad because I won’t let him eat trash

Image Credit: missyjo3

#9 The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t actually Golden.

Image Credit: parker_villard

#10 Wouldn’t let her eat the bath bomb.

Image Credit: the_autism_diaries

#11 He wanted the yellow cup, so I gave him the yellow cup. Now his life is ruined.

Image Credit: bripebs

#12 This time we wouldn’t let him swim in the sea. He can’t swim & its 6 degrees. I know, we’re awful.

Image Credit: mrslargebuttocks

#13 I didn’t let her run into the road

Image Credit: glotornel

#14 Because I told him he had to stop biting the cat

Image Credit: jgeiger270

#15 She is so mad that my shoes don’t fit her!

Image Credit: bculb

#16 Mikey’s mad because I wouldn’t let him eat a battery for breakfast

Image Credit: thekimromero

#17 Because I ‘refused’ to switch the sun off so his pumpkin could light up

Image Credit: magoodmomhavingabadday

#18 I killed a bug in the laundry room. Apparently, it was her best friend

Image Credit: jaaaaamieeeee

#19 He suddenly wanted his cycling backpack…which I didn’t take to the park… Because it doesn’t actually exist

Image Credit: sgoranova

#20 Sean said the word…green.

Image Credit: ericalee888

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