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These Fascinating Treetop Cabins Will Make You Wish To Have One

In my childhood, I always fantasized about having a wooden cabin high on my backyard tree. It would be so fun playing there, among the dense foliage. Probably, this is the dream of many of us. After all, who could ever resist the temptation of a wooden cabin on the top of a tree? I guess the answer is no one.

When people have grown up, they may afford to make their childhood dream come true, having that little house right inside their garden. Otherwise, there are many places out there that offer this type of accommodations. They would be a wonderful place for kids to explore, and also a beautiful and tranquil hideaway for adults. You definitely should experience staying there at least once to know that it’s so convenient and refreshing. Who says that a getaway on a treetop cannot be as comfortable as your living room? Let’s check out these places with beautiful hidden cabins in the list below, and you will be surprised for sure.


Image Credit: alexandraposterbennaim

#2 What a wonderful experience we had this weekend!

Image Credit: trippelk1

#3 It was just really nice with the wind in the trees, the fog, and the sounds.

Image Credit: copenhagenwilderness

#4 A different cabin trip, eight meters above the ground🌿 Thank you for the trip, nice people.

Image Credit: joneelisabeth

#5 Lovely trip to a beautiful treetop cabin.

Image Credit: lenemy91

#6 Wishing we could escape the last of the winter chill by hiding out in this treetop cabin.

Image Credit: emitoms

#7 Treetop house… l love nature

Image Credit: marvelousmeriel

#8 Spending the night in the treetops 🌲

Image Credit: allverdig

#9 There aren’t many people going abroad this year, so the tourist destinations in Norway are full of people, but it’s quiet here.

Image Credit: tokotamama

#10 The coolest treetop house ever?

Image Credit: travel_torild

#11 We took one night at the top of a tree. Absolutely magical.

Image Credit: friluftsfar

#12 Spent one night in the amazing treehouse at Farasen Tretoppgard, close to Brumunddal.

Image Credit: norwegian_travellers

#13 Do you need to get a little away from the everyday race and just sit back in the open air?

Image Credit: goglamping_

#14 Quarantine inspiration.

Image Credit: lacabaneperchee 

#15 Another amazing cabin!

Image Credit: tretopphyttene

#16 Magical to, quite by chance, go into wonderland tonight.

Image Credit: ingrid.sekse

#17 Treetophouse, Helgøya, Norway

Image Credit: sesaafint

#18 Experience Norwegian nature from a height of 6 meters in this fantastic wooden hut.

Image Credit: goglamping_

#19 Treetop house stay 🌲

Image Credit: retour_du_bonheur1

#20 I’ve always wanted to stay in a treehouse. I feel high!

Image Credit: jp_paulsen

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