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15 Of The Most Hilarious Missing Posters Ever Been Seen

Missing posters, we can easily spot them around our neighborhood. People stick these papers all over the electric poles, traffic lights, and anything in the hope of retrieving their properties, pets, or relatives. Anyway, it’s better than nothing. That’s the fastest way to get information from the whole community or simply a very creative way to show your humor.

Some missing posters, actually, do not intend to look for anything. I just want to say that my cat is so cute, look at her! Yup, something like that. A glance at those “missing posters” can definitely give you a good laugh on the way home. So, we have made a collection of some of the most comical missing poster pics. Let’s check it out below and have a good time.

#1 Have you?

Image Credit:  Melanie tenH

#2 Ride your stolen bike to the gates of hell

Image Credit: Bethany Brown

#3 Confusion

Image Credit: emily p

#4 Maximus Decimus Meridius from Rome

Image Credit: The Poke

#5 Hopefully they find it!

Image Credit: spillfish

#6 Have you seen this figment?

Image Credit: iDidAFunny

#7 Cause and effect

Image Credit: thechive

#8 The mysterious, drug-induced unicorn

Image Credit: whenbeautytalks

#9 Vengeance!

Image Credit: funnymeme

#10 Distinguishing features include feathers, beak, and wings

Image Credit: Jennifer Tilly

#11 Missing Dogg, answers to Snoop

Image Credit: Imgur

#12 Cleverness

Image Credit: saenzsigns 

#13 Probably mauling someone right now

Image Credit: LifeBuzz

#14 Yes, until we find him

Image Credit: Unknown

#15 Can you lose what you never had in the first place?

Image Credit: saenzsigns 

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