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20 Pictures To Prove That ” Like Father Like Son” Is Real

We all heard about the quote “like father, like son”, right? It not only refers to the resemblance of the appearance but also the similarity in every action and posture. Some of them are incredibly hilarious. People can’t get enough of the cuteness and humor of the father and the son. Boost your mood faster than a rocket. Definitely.

And, here are 20 pictures that prove that “like father, like son” is real. Dads get so excited to share funny pics of them and their baby boys do the same thing. A cute, funny living version of themselves. Who can resist? These pictures might be taken accidentally or intentionally. But they surely bring us laughs and smiles during this tough time. Let’s check them out!

#1 “Finally, I got the reason why you are engaged in this “toy” all day.”

#2 “There is so much resemblance in this pic!”

#3 “Chubby???”

#4 “I also need to fix my motorcycle, dad.”

#5 “We all need to think carefully when playing cards.”

#6 “Mawn the grass. Two people will be better.”

#7 “Enjoy the music travel together.”

#8 “Ready to join the race, son?”

#9 “Three generations!”

#10 “Dads also need to take a nap, guys.”

#11 “Younger and older versions.”

#12 “Guitar chooses me and my dad!”

#13 “Now, I understand what you see on this bookmark.”

#14 “That’s how our family mawn the grass.”

#15 “Time for newspaper!”

#16 “Real beard vs kitting beard.”

#17 “Be cool!”

#18 “A lot of the same shoes.”

#19 “That tongue!”

#20 Take a nap together!

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