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20 Ridiculously Bad Signs People Come Across And Can’t Resist Sharing Them

Actually, designing a written sign is not hard at all. At times, it’s so simple that you only need a pen and a piece of paper or cardboard, then you can create a sign for your own purpose. Nevertheless, instead of writing in a usual way that everyone can get right to the point, some people opt to make a mess by arranging their words in a “not-very-normal” order. As a result, nobody on earth can’t even understand what the sign is supposed to say. You may want to be creative, but it’s significant to think your idea through, making sure that it will not leave people confused reading it.

The subreddit r/dontdeadopeninside is a community for everyone to share the most confusing signs they spotted here and there. You will realize how people screw up their written signs, and that some messages will make no sense if we read normally from left to right. They are just amazingly hilarious. We’ve rounded up some of the best examples in the collection below. Flip through to get fun.

#1. Does This Belong Here? Took Me Multiple Tries To Figure This Out

#2. I Would Like A Free Donation. Also, Here’s My Lemonade…

#3. So I Fart Old Dust

#4. They Must Have Added The Arrows After Realizing How Steamy It Was Originally

#5. Who Else Is Donating To End Children?

#6. *inhales* Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything

#7. This Is This Is Meme

#8. Smash Immigrants Welcome Racism

#9. Loho Veme

#10. No No Gain Pain

#11. Took A Wee While To Design This Masterpiece

#12. My Wife Said, “People Will Get It.”

#13. Hoffman Estates, Il. I Can’t Even Figure Out What It’s Supposed To Say

#14. Please Do Not Take It Home. Leave Litter Here

#15. They Are, In Fact, A Particular Sub-Species Of Rock

#16. Jesus Christ

#17. Free Artificial Colours, From Flavours & Preservatives

#18. My Local Takeaway Is An Eye Test

#19. The Way I Let My Boyfriend Know His Dinner Is Ready For Him In The Microwave When He Gets Home From Work

#20. Super Meat Market Market

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