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20 Times People Found Their Past Lives In Antique Paintings

Stumbling upon a stranger at a random place, and then realize that they look particularly like yourself is really a fantastic experience. Two persons that are biologically unrelated but look much alike, they’re called doppelgängers. And we are always fascinated by such coincidences, like a miracle in real life. But what if the person that looks like you is not living in the present but the past? It’s so exciting but also a little bit confusing, right?

Here we have chosen out some of the most prominent pictures depicting that situation. People found their doppelgängers (or their past lives, maybe) in old paintings and models when visiting art museums. Trust me. You will not believe in your eyes. So let’s scroll down to see them now.

#1 The Doppelgänger experience

Image Credit: Ross W. Duffin

#2 My friend spotted this painting of himself while walking through the met

Image Credit: racoon_goon

#3 Art fans have been sharing their uncanny resemblance to museum portraits, including this woman who looks identical to the subject of Edgar Degas’ Le Village

Image Credit: cheyrichelle24

#4 Face to face with yourself in a museum, the doppelgänger experience.

Image Credit:

#5 So I found a picture of myself dressed as a Samurai 111 years ago at The MET. Apparently, I was a collector of Samurai armor, I’ve drunk a lot since then so I don’t really recall but it’s totally plausible that’s it’s me.

Image Credit: datman510

#6 Several of the photos feature people who happened to be dressed in nearly identical outfits to the ones worn by the figures in the portraits

Image Credit: CarsonTCody

#7 This wouldn’t couldn’t’ resist striking a pose while taking a picture with her historic lookalike

Image Credit: shannonpurser

#8 Found my doppelgänger at the Louvre. Íñigo Melchor de Velasco

Image Credit:  

#9 Found Drew’s doppelgänger in Trento, Italy science museum

Image Credit: Todd Mansfield

#10 Although he is sporting some facial, he shares the same eyes, nose, and jawline with the man in the painting he is posed next to

Image Credit: deannananner

#11 I’m Henry the 8th

Image Credit: scrmedia

#12 This man replicated the man in the portrait’s pose while taking this museum photo

Image Credit: sharkyape

#13 The two friends happen to look just like the two men in the painting behind them

Image Credit: DarrenHenwood

#14 The doppelganger from the Louvre made me remember a pic that I took

Image Credit: Itzakov

#15 Visited Paris this weekend. Just when I was about to take a picture of the Mona Lisa something better caught my eye.

Image Credit:

#16 My best mate went to the Louvre and discovered a painting of him done many years before.

Image Credit: [deleted]

#17 Found my dopplegänger from half a century ago in an art museum in Zurich

Image Credit: Melbourneer

#18 So he goes to the art museum and this happened

Image Credit:

#19 Weird Al proves he is immortal at The Louvre

Image Credit:

#20 Gallery Lookalike

Image Credit:

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