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Rescued Paralyzed Puppy Now Can Walk And Play Happily With His Siblings

Meet Toffee, a paralyzed puppy who felt depressed while his sibling carried on merrily. When Animal’s Cottage came to feed the puppies, their heart got broken to see Toffee struggle to stand on his own feet but fail. His eyes told them he desperately wanted to walk and play like his sisters and brothers. On the same day, Animal’s Cottage took him to the vet for treatment.

Tests showed that there were some problems with his blood circulation. Some organs did not receive the blood due to the blockage of veins. That weakened Toffee’s feet and made him unable to stand. The treatment included daily injection and human love. Every afternoon, the rescuer took Toffee to the vet and drove him to his friend’s home for a shelter, before bringing the puppy back to his family the next morning.

Receiving love and care from the rescuer, Toffee recovered quickly. He was grateful for Animal’s Cottage who had saved him and helped him to come over the disease. Finally, the little puppy could stand on his own. At first, his steps were slow and weak.

Thanks to daily practice, the little boy can now move and run like a normal dog. He has completely recovered. With a lifted spirit, Toffee eats better and sleeps well. He feels happy to meet his mother and his siblings. The sweetheart is able to run after his mom like the other sisters and brothers. They are really a happy family.

Due to the limited space in their shelter, Animal’s Cottage has to build an outside house for Toffee and his family. They are now living in peace and comfort.

Watch the full rescue here:

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