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20 Fascinating Pieces Of Metal Art From Around The World

Humans have an innate desire for creativity. From the very beginning of our civilization, relics of ancient civilizations show that they had a strong sense of art. Art comes in any form. Anything, under a creative perspective, could become a piece of art. And recently, metal art has become more and more prominent among other types of modern art.

Artwork that is crafted from metals or metal alloys can be called metal art. Of course, any relics from the Bronze Age that are found today can be considered metal art as well. Unlike other types of art that only serve the displaying purpose, metal art can have both decorative and functional value. However, metal art nowadays gradually becomes aesthetic in nature. This is embodied most vividly in metal sculptures.

Below is a collection of incredible artworks from around the world. Let’s take a look at them to see that cold metals can also create beauty.


Image Credit: David Madero


Image Credit: martinterrarossa


Image Credit: gahr.art


Image Credit: mari9art


Image Credit: ppistolas88


Image Credit: oldskull




Image Credit: martinterrarossa


Image Credit: arteeartbyrethe


Image Credit: thomashawk


Image Credit: mrsignsandmrsdesigns

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