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20 Times People Feel That Life Is Just Brutally Unfair

No matter how hard people try, sometimes things just don’t work as they expect. Yup, life is unfair for sure. You can be struggling with problems that others don’t even know, but that’s how life works. Sometimes it’s just a little thing that irritates your mood, but there may be really big things that can get to you.

Life is tough. Don’t let those tiny unnecessary trivia make you feel down. Just remember to stay positive and you’ll be okay. After all, it’s not unfair to be fair, because life is unfair to everyone. Put a big smile on your face now because we have prepared for you some funny pictures of unfair situations. People from around the globe have shared with us photos of their misfortunes, so let’s take a look at them.

#1 Totally have nothing to say

Image Credit: Imgur

#2 Why not?!

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

#3 Speechless

Image Credit: me.me

#4 Air, not so much buds

Image Credit: Pinterest

#5 Not both of them, okay?

Image Credit: kiaha

#6 Really, paper?!

Image Credit: Imgur

#7 Sometimes dreams work out, other times they just spill all over the backseat

Image Credit: LeBigManInCharge

#8 Fear and loafing

Image Credit: therobbo91

#9 At least someone gets a good laugh out of our predicament

Image Credit: The perfect crime

#10 Noone can have it all

Image Credit: withyfleek

#11 Outstanding move

Image Credit: mrmoee

#12 Sometimes patience is the key to overcoming obstacles

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

#13 Sad, cookie is sad

Image Credit: First World Problem

#14 Too late…

Image Credit: ebaumsworld

#15 Teacher grades exam

Image Credit: memeguy

#16 The difference between “wait, I haven’t put on my face yet” & “I woke up like dis”

Image Credit: redroselashbar

#17 What grade-schooler among us hasn’t been undone by this great tragedy?

Image Credit: kayakoo

#18 The sad truth is that this enigma has made fools of us all

Image Credit: dumpaday

#19 Some tragedies just can’t be explained

Image Credit: buzzfeed

#20 The actual password for the WiFi at a hotel

Image Credit: notdanstevens

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