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25 Math Jokes That You Won’t Stop Laughing

I’m not good at Maths. But I never get enough of Math jokes. The reason is that they have logic, pattern, rules, structure. You can relate to these jokes and find Maths more interesting than you think. If you are struggling with Math exercises, just let these jokes help. Get fun in boring things. Is there anything better?

In this post, we’re glad to share 25 Math jokes that you won’t stop laughing at. If you are looking for funny things to boost your mood at the end of the day, these will be an excellent suggestion. I show some to my math dad and mom and they can’t help laughing out loud. Ridiculously.

People who make these jokes are very smart and have a great sense of humor today. If you love these jokes, don’t hesitate to share them to your family and friends.

1. You have to confess you laugh out loud.

2. It’s called simplify

3. Show this to your dad and we won’t stop laughing.

4. Soooo, what shape is Oregon? Starts counting every edge and angle.

5. That’s pretty much true!

6. Did you get this joke?

7. Hilarious!

8. Just “wow”.

9. This is a legendary roast!

10. Need some explain?

11. Marvel Maths.

12. Your math teacher probably wishes she could do that every time you stop paying attention.

13. 2^0=1

14. Can you relate?

15. LOL, this probably happens all the time.

16. laugh SO freaking hard at this one!

17. That’s a whole lot of strawberry!

18. That’s incorrect!

19. Rational numbers.

20. You stupid thing.

21. So cute!

22. Do you get this one?

23. Uh… Oh

24. It’s kind of true for some people.

25. Literally you??

H/T: Bored Panda

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