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Funny Pictures Of Pets Pretending To Be Innocent After Committing “Petty” Crimes

It’s no doubt that pets are so adorable, but sometimes they are very mischievous, too. They can mess your things up whenever you take your eyes off them. They can scratch the sofa, destroy the computer keyboard, chew up the toilet paper, or break plant pots. Almost everything.

The funny thing is when they are caught red-handed, they show an expression as if they did nothing wrong. And you, with unconditional love for them, don’t have the heart to just scold them. Pets are our masters, right?

So, today we are sharing 25 funny pictures of pets pretending to be innocent after committing “petty” crimes. Although they may ruin your cherished objects, nothing can replace your precious furry friends. Let’s take a look at these naughty animals, and believe me, you may see yourself in some of these half laughing, half crying situations.

#1. What can I do with that smile?

#2. “I didn’t do that”

#3. “Lemme replace that plant”

#4. Why you look so sad?

#5. Hey hey hey

#6. She just looks guilty for a moment then continues her job

#7. Pay more attention to your parrot

#8. “Look at his little arm!”

#9. “I scratch, I scratch!”

#10. “I don’t know anything”

#11. “Not me”

#12. Oops

#13. “It’s warm inside”

#14. Look at that happy face

#15. “Don’t scold me, I’m scared”

#16. Such a naughty cat

#17. Lol, the towel turns to be a poncho

#18. Tough guy face

#19. “It’s so fun!”

#20. “Let me take a short break”

#21. Jump so high

#22. A collection of ridiculous masks

#23. Awww that face

#24. Haha that big smile

#25. Don’t show me that naive face

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