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Hilarious Photos Of Kids Giving Themselves A Haircut

Kids are active and creative as well. It seems like they’re never afraid of experiencing and discovering new things. They are always ready for adventures with their high energy. And even when they fail at doing something, they just don’t care much about it. It’s just for fun.

Sometimes they will try to do something that even adults find so hard to do. Cutting hair by themselves, for example. Needless to say, they end up having hilarious haircut fails. Some of them look like they regret doing that. But some don’t.

Here we would like to share 15 funny photos of kids giving themselves a haircut. Take a look at these and you may burst out laugh, guys. The children in these pics look a bit silly but so adorable with their weird hair. If you’re a parent, share this post with your kids and remind them not to ridiculously blow up their hair with scissors.

1. He’s still happy with this

2. Looks impressive

3. Try not to feel regret

4. Oh poor little girl

5. Now you have a bald patch

6. That’s cool

7. I cut these by myself

8. “My hair looks good?”

9. “I’ll never do that again”

10. “Nobody likes my new hair?”

11. “I did it myself with these scissors”

12. Weird hair but pretty boy

13. So cute girl

14. “I’m fine. I just cry a little bit”

15. Still handsome, right?

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